Scaler launches Scaler School of Technology, a 4-year residential UG program in Computer Science with its first campus in Bengaluru

Written by: Simran Thakur
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  • A first-of-its-kind program designed by the industry and for the industry to provide the best-in-class experience to aspiring engineers with a unique work-integrated learning environment
  • The first campus is located in the heart of India’s technology capital – Bengaluru – enabling easy access to a massive pool of industry leaders and peers

Scaler (by InterviewBit), one of India’s fastest-growing start-ups, today announced the launch of Scaler School of Technology, a 4-year residential undergraduate computer science program designed and delivered to revolutionize higher education for the next generation of India’s software professionals.

In a recent event by FICCI, Mr Amitabh Kant, the former CEO of Niti Ayog, succinctly highlighted the lack of industry-academia collaboration that leaves our current university curriculum severely lacking. The country is in dire need of – one, a high-quality computer science UG program capable of delivering world-class career prospects to millions of young and ambitious Indian software engineers, and two, providing a perennial pipeline of highly qualified skilled workforce for the global technology sector. Scaler School of Technology has been established to address these two essential and long-unmet demands in India.

Of the 16 lakh engineering graduates entering the job market in India every year, only 16% end up finding a job, out of which 80% are computer science jobs. Only 2% of these graduates actually find a job that pays more than Rs 8 lakh a year, primarily computer science related. The supply side of the challenge is equally anomalous. Quality educators like our tax-payer-funded leading engineering college, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), offers fewer than 500 computer science seats annually and don’t have a 100% placement rate. The rest have to make do with a UG ecosystem that is scarcely equipped to impart industry-relevant education and training due to outdated curriculum delivered by inadequately trained teachers and at a price that doesn’t deliver results for the students or parents investing in their children’s future. On the other hand, high-quality jobs in software engineering are in very high demand and will continue to be so. Coursera has estimated that there will be 9 crore new jobs in software engineering in the next 10 years. But the largely poor quality of India’s UG programs for computer science is forcing graduates to learn outside the curriculum to find well-paying jobs. Scaler School of Technology expects to address all these issues effectively.

Salient features of Scaler School of Technology’s 4-year residential undergraduate program –

  • Offers specialisations in new-age in-demand technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Trading and competitive programming
  • 1-year paid industry internship with leading tech companies with 1-1 guidance from industry mentors
  • State-of-the-art gamified learning platform – real-time learning tracker
  • Brainstorm on real-world hackathons in collaboration with Scaler’s career partners
  • Fireside chats and mentoring by industry leaders/CTOs
  • Top tech veterans from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Ola, Uber will teach
  • 1:1 guided mentorship from the industry leaders during internship

Delivered in three phases, the first 18 months of the program will focus on mastering computer science fundamentals by building pedagogy with real-life cases, followed by one year paid industry internship with leading technology companies and one-on-one mentoring by industry veterans. The final 18 months will allow students to specialize as senior engineers and machine learning/artificial intelligence engineers with specialization in algorithmic trading or learning skills, which will help graduates build their careers in the top 0.1% of the companies in the world. The program also intends to provide a pre-placement offer (PPO) to 50% of the batch within two and a half years of joining the program. Scaler has also built a robust merit-based scholarship program allowing students from every background access to the best quality of education and develop into highly competent and future-ready software tech professionals.

Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder of Scaler & InterviewBit, said, “The short duration upskilling courses around machine learning, data science, and AI that Scaler has been providing over the last four years have turned around the careers for thousands of young professionals. We have delivered better results than any of the country’s current 4-year UG CS programs. The 35,000-odd successful Scaler alumni in the global technology sector gave us the confidence to enter the UG education space and bring fundamental changes that will deliver results for all stakeholders.”

Students at Scaler’s Undergraduate Programme in Software Development will be eligible to enroll in a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Computer Science recognised by the UGC through a reputed institute. This degree will also enable students to apply for government jobs or Indian and overseas higher studies if they wish to. Additionally, they will also receive a Master of Science in Computer Science from Woolf University, which is licensed as a higher education institution in the European Union that works on ECTS – European Credit Transfer System. The master’s degree awarded by Woolf is globally recognised, with recognition from ECS and CES.

“Scaler was created on the belief that everyone is unique when it comes to learning. Completely standardised and theory-heavy education will not work. In the Scaler world, every student gets a personal industry mentor who spends time with them every month to shape their career and thought process, supported by batch success managers responsible for ensuring no one is left behind. Scaler School of Technology will work on the same principle.” added Anshuman Singh, Co-founder of Scaler & InterviewBit.

Scaler School of Technology will not be an all-work-no-play institution. Students will live an enriching life with access to the expected experience, including campus events, fests, and all modern amenities like gyms, sports activities, libraries, laundry, medical facilities, and security at the state-of-the-art campus. The 4-year residential program located in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, will allow students to meet industry leaders at least once every quarter. Scaler also works with more than 900 employer-partners internationally, including the top names in every tech sector like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Zomato, Airtel, Wells Fargo, PayPal and others, who regularly hire Scaler alumni. To top it all, Bengaluru’s effervescent social life created by its unique cosmopolitan population will be a perfect setting for Scaler’s students to learn, grow and live a wholesome life. The first batch of the new UG program offering 200 seats will commence on July 18, 2023.

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