The guidance and structure of Scaler Academy was exactly what I needed in my journey.

Mayur Kharche
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I’m Mayur Kharche, currently a SDE III at Walmart, and this is my Scaler Academy journey!

Before joining Scaler, I was in a service based company, and I sorely missed having proper guidance along with the career. I was also stagnant and stuck in my role, and I didn’t have the chance to grow there. I spent 2 years there, and I realized that I was lagging behind other competitors, and I didn’t know what was relevant anymore in the market, what I should focus on, and how I should proceed to better my skills.

I was using the InterviewBit platform, and really liking the hierarchy and stages of programming and prep materials that they have, so that gave me the push to join Scaler Academy. The guidance and structure of Scaler’s course was exactly what I needed and had been looking for.

Scaler exceeded my expectations in a way I had never even thought possible. I expected a single mentor from Scaler, but I ended up getting several people who guided me throughout. Whenever needed, I could connect to Anshuman. I mailed him several times, and he replied back each and every time, which really stood out to me. The instructors and teaching assistants were also there whenever I needed any help.

In every category, I got a mentor. If I wanted to ask an industry specialist, I had someone. If I wished it to be someone from Scaler, I had someone else. Kshitij Mishra is someone from Scaler who has really stood out to me. Before starting Scaler, I was unsure if I should invest so much time in a course, so I called their helpline who connected me with Kshitij. He properly explained about the entire course, answered all my queries and guided me. He’s the main reason why I joined the course, and hence, the main reason I have to thank for my current path.

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