I feel like I’ve always belonged here at Scaler Edge!

Written by: Skandana Gowda
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When I entered Engineering, I was confused for the first two years of my college. Most of my cousins had been a part of the tech industry for quite some time now and although I wasn’t sure of following in their footsteps, it sure nudged my curiosity towards coding as a skill.

Despite being keen on coding, I could not find the impetus or the culture I was looking for, in my college. All in all, just like me, most of my batchmates were also confused about the relevance of additional courses for well-rounded skill development.

It was that age I guess when we all are eager to learn and grow exponentially.

My confusion was also a result of receiving a multitude of advice from a variety of sources. The lack of clarity held me back from everything life had to offer.

Enrolling myself in Scaler Edge changed all that.

Scaler Edge helped me from the very beginning in laying the foundation that I needed to become a skilled coder, such as learning the basic coding languages like C.

My goal has always been that I excel academically; for I for one, don’t want to have any regrets in the future about not doing something meaningful. Whether my efforts would lead to rewards, that was a secondary concern. My primary aim is to hustle towards making my present better and brighter.

The thing about Scaler Edge that I appreciate the most is its practical methodology. It makes us ready for the real world of programming with a lot of hands-on information about the applications of coding in real life. The Edge programme has always focused on how to apply that information under proper guidance.

It might not have been long since I joined Scaler, but I have already developed a sturdy rapport with the TAs, who have been extremely supportive. Their teaching has allowed me to see problem-solving as not just a task, but a step towards the bigger goal of learning something out of it. My mentor has been very helpful as well in providing a structure to my efforts, and despite the fact that I am a very self-sufficient person, to say the least, all the support that I have gotten at the academy has only made me a better learner.

My batchmates at Edge are really inspiring too, because they bring healthy competition to the classroom, which motivates me to better myself every day.

Collective assignment-solving, amongst other things, has been very advantageous in order to drive me towards keeping up with them.

The biggest difference that I notice has been in my confidence. Today, I am ready to push myself harder through the obstacles and I am very appreciative of the fact that I have been getting ample amounts of support for the same.

All in all, I think Scaler’s live sessions and problem-solving classes have been one of the best things to ever exist in a curriculum and I have even started recommending the same to my friends and peers as well. One of them has even joined us now.

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