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Written by: Rishav Kumar
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Small beginnings, but big dreams!

One way or the other, the only way to see your dream become a reality is by working on it.

My name is Rishav Kumar, and I’m a third-year engineering student hailing from a small village in Bihar. I belong to a middle-class family, and during my childhood, the mobile was a very intriguing gadget. It was unheard of in those days, and I used to play a lot of games on it.

More than what went on the surface, I was interested in knowing this device’s inner workings and getting to know the efforts behind the scenes! That was when I knew I wanted to make something of my own and enter the world of what I later came to know as software programming.

I graduated from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (Begusarai), took a gap year to prepare for the JEE entrance exams, and finally secured admission into the Heritage Institute of Technology in Kolkata.

My batchmates are motivated individuals, and talented coders. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job industry took a hit. I knew that if I wanted to make a mark in the industry and secure my dream job, I would need to work on my knowledge and my skill set. That was when, at the suggestion of one of my relatives, I joined Scaler Edge.

The fact that I joined Scaler before my peers have definitely given me an advantage over others. In retrospect, I should have joined in my second year instead of third. However, better late than never! And well, it is never late to follow your passion and work towards it.

What I love about Scaler Edge is the fact that the curriculum is taught in a very organized fashion, and there is more emphasis on practical knowledge. This is very different in comparison to the traditional methods used in colleges. In addition to this, my peers are incredibly knowledgeable, and there is a sense of healthy competition here, which has made me grow immensely.

My favorite instructors are Mishra sir and Paridhi Gupta ma’am. My mentor, Naman sir, has proven to be very helpful in guiding me, and actually, he was the one who motivated me to work on my communication skills as well. And today, as you can see, my spoken English has vastly improved!

When I joined Scaler Edge, my goals were to learn more about Data Structures and gain relevant knowledge required to work on big projects. I’m happy to say that I have been able to achieve those goals! My most memorable experience here was when I secured the first position in two of the contests.

I’m delighted with this whole experience and highly recommend aspiring software developers to join Scaler Edge as early as possible!

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