Scaler Edge is helping me become the best version of myself.

Written by: Rishabh Panwar
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Your college degree matters, but your skill set matters more.

It doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you know where you are going.

My name is Rishabh Panwar, and I am a student at Rajasthan University, Jaipur. I come from a commerce background, and I am pursuing BCA as my degree of choice. As odd as it may sound, I was interested in both commerce and science at the time, and I refuse to believe that fitting into a stream, a box constructed by the education system could ever take my passion away from me.

I have always been interested in Computer science and Coding, and that’s the main reason I am a part of this course. I believed that joining a course specifically for this purpose will definitely take me closer to people who want the same things as I do, and it did.

Coding is my passion, and I always knew that even though I come from a commerce background, I could still make my mark in computer sciences, and with the Edge program, I think I have found just the right place to get me started.

My interest in technology developed because of my elder brother, who is a developer himself. Although he is a part of a different establishment, he suggested this course because of its merit in making good coders out of passionate people like me. My brother understood my need to develop my skills starting right from the basics. Considering that I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in an entirely different subject, it was mandatory for me to lay the foundation in the right manner, making it much more challenging for me than for my peers.

Pursuing a degree in commerce has always made me feel a void in my life. With the absence of the people who could understand my interests and push me to do better every day,  I think much more than anything, the company that Edge has blessed me with is irreplaceable. Solving problems together in a group always feels like a fun activity more than just a mundane learning process, and nothing can compare to that.

My classmates have become just like a family now. We help each other out in a lot of ways. We stick together no matter what, and I think this reassurance of sorts, which makes me push harder through complications, is my favorite bit about Edge.

With a background like mine, another thing that I really stand by is my zeal to start early. Starting early is always a plus for a person to get an ample amount of time to follow through their interest and understand what they are getting into. Now that I have become more aware of what becoming a software engineer entails through Edge, I believe that I am much more fascinated by the dream. And with this fascination comes the dedication to realize this dream.

Scaler is unmatched in terms of its meticulous structure and teaching pedagogy. We are all given individual attention to become the best version of ourselves, and this process is realized through a well-connected network of TA’s, mentors, and instructors. All the teachers assigned to me are well experienced and skilled.

However, I most definitely have a sweet spot for my favorite instructor, Pragya sir, because of his unparalleled support and guidance. I am most likely to recommend Scaler Edge to my friends and family and am grateful for the skills it has equipped me with.

My mantra’s always been #godismyrock and I hope I can move forward in this journey of learning, with all the support I could ever ask for!

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