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Written by: Mohitpal Singh
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Scaler- the ‘Edge’ over your peers that you need

My name is Mohitpal Singh and I’m a second-year student from MNIT Jaipur pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

I have had an acute interest in coding right since class 10. I, however, didn’t have much knowledge about prospects in the field and did not know how to go about it. I started studying for JEE and dedicated my high school years to the same.

As life would have it, I left my hometown in Punjab and joined MNIT Jaipur, where I again got exposure to coding. Only, this time, it was there to stay in my life.

Most of my peers in college have been immersing themselves in bookish knowledge rather than practical facet of competitive coding. Very few students have prior knowledge about coding and even fewer know exactly what they want to do in life and how would they go about it. I wanted to be one of them but was unable to fixate on a goal, and figure out how to reach it. I  have a competitive friend circle and I wanted to keep pace with them. This is where I got my motivation and push from. Talking with my seniors has helped me gain knowledge about good platforms for learning and practicing coding.

The break due to the pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise and finally work on learning to code. I started by joining an online Masterclass held by Scalar Academy. I enjoyed the classes and felt that all my issues were being immediately attended to.

I liked the program, so taking up the course by Scaler Edge seemed like the right thing to do.

It’s been three months into my Scaler Edge journey and I have already seen an increase in my coding speed and have now figured out the path of how to think, attempt, and solve different questions. Scaler helped me find my way. They started teaching us from the very beginning and helped us strengthen our basics. Though I had studied a few things in the first year, I noticed so many things I needed to work on.

I feel that the curriculum being taught at Scaler provides us much more exposure to competitive coding and the industry too. It has also proved to help me understand my college curriculum better. Here the class ranks and competition keeps me on my toes. It is like a whole new world for a coding lover like me.

Scaler also gives me an edge over my peers. So, it will help me out with my placements. In school, we used to invest in good coaching so that we could make it to a good college. Similarly, Scaler Edge is something that will help you get a good career.

Paridhi Ma’am and Kshitij Sir are my favourite instructors here. My experience with Scaler has been great! I hardly have any doubts and can reason out the questions and solve them myself. Even if I have a doubt at any point in time, the TAs help me through it. The motivational session has especially been really helpful for me and helped me stay away from distractions and focus on my goal.

I used to have a lot of backlogs and found it tough to manage college assignments with Scaler’s assignments. But my mentor helped me get out of this dilemma and taught me how to be regular and do multi-tasking.

Looking back at the week I took before joining Scaler, it wasn’t an instant decision but a well-thought-out one. I concluded that there are no disadvantages to joining Scaler. I used to earlier guess how to solve questions and just used to try to solve them somehow. But now I have a set method and a well-defined path to take to solve a particular question.

People often feel that paying for a course is something that they do not need. But Scaler has proved them wrong. Spending an amount towards a brighter future is an investment and not a waste of money. The exposure to coding that I’ve got through this program is immense.

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