Scaler Edge taught me how to tackle every problem.

Written by: Sambit Saha
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While my friends were busy playing cricket outdoors, I was toying around with gadgets and their accessories, and I guess that is the primary reason I am where I am.

I am Sambit Saha, an engineering student from KIIT, pursuing Information Technology currently. As a child, I was fascinated by technology and what it entailed and would spend ages knowing my way around phones and laptops.

I was not just interested in what was on the outside of these gadgets. Instead, I was pecked by a curiosity about what was on the inside, the processors and the software, the parts that made these otherwise tiny metallic bodies work efficiently.

Curiosity and exploration led me to the science stream in my senior secondary years, but I made a grave error. I took up Biology in place of computer science and missed out on an opportunity to further my quest into the software’s knowledge.

When I stepped into college, this mistake took its toll on me, as several of my peers had already got a head-start in the arena of computers and coding. This made my peers extremely casual in their approach towards coding, where they were satisfied with the curriculum taught in college and limited themselves to the same.

But, I personally felt the acute need to bridge the gap that had come up and looked for unconventional resources to gain knowledge outside of the conventional classroom; hence I decided to take up an additional course. That’s why I stumbled upon Scaler Edge. They had conducted a two-day workshop on machine learning, which I became a part of.

Later, they conducted a seven-day workshop on Web Development; while my comprehension was lesser, this did pique my interest in coding and its intricate working. I researched more about Scaler, and what attracted me the most was the concept of mentorship. Knowing that the mentors were extraordinarily experienced and from diverse backgrounds was the cherry on the cake.

I recently started the course, and I feel that the curriculum is fast-paced and suited to practical application. It focuses on holistic development, which is not the case in educational institutions because I think that the college curriculum is strictly theory centric. The trainers are incredibly enthusiastic, and the peer group is intensely focused.

My interactions with my mentors have been enriching, and despite my irregularity due to academics, their support has made it possible for me to catch up with my peers.

I feel that Scaler Edge has taught me how to approach novel problems and how to look at things from a different perspective. While my time here has been short, I still would definitely recommend it to my acquaintances.

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