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Why Data Science?

In Data Science, data is analyzed so that actionable insights can be obtained by applying various processes, methods, systems, and algorithms. There are a number of tools that can be used to process data from various sources such as financial logs, multimedia files, marketing forms, sensors, and text files. Machine learning, data mining, and big data are all part of data science. In order to extract meaningful insights from data, experts must combine programming skills, technical skills, domain knowledge, and mathematical and statistical knowledge.
A data scientist is an individual with expertise in statistical, scientific, analytical, technical, mathematical skills and many more that assist companies in the interpretation and management of data. He/She practices Data Science to analyze data so that they can provide actionable insights by using various processes, methods, systems, and algorithms. Data Scientist is primarily responsible for data analysis, a process that begins with data collection and concludes with data-driven business decisions. As a whole, they must fulfill several responsibilities, as follows:
  • Identify data sources and gather data.
  • Analyze structured and unstructured data effectively.
  • Formulate strategies to solve business challenges.
  • Create data strategies in collaboration with team members and leaders.
  • Use algorithms and modules to uncover trends and patterns.
  • Cleaning and verifying the data to ensure it is accurate and uniform
  • For centuries, Kolkata has been a thriving industrial area. As Data Science becomes the industry's favorite, Kolkata businesses and corporations (from established tech companies to new startups) are actively embracing Data Science as a route to innovation and success. Kolkata has rapidly expanded its Data Science capabilities and job roles. If you wish to begin a Data Science course in Kolkata, you will have the opportunity to embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career. In order to gain an in-demand set of skills required for today's job opportunities in Data Science, we offer the best Data Science training course in Kolkata. Some of the great career opportunities after completing a Data Science course in Kolkata include:
  • Junior/Senior/Associate Data Scientist
  • Forcasting/Risk Analyst
  • Portfolio Risk Data Scientist
  • Forecasting Analyst, Research Analyst, Data Analytics
  • Analytics Lead/Manager/Consultant
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistical Programming Specialist
  • Work on projects built in partnership with top companies

    Work on real industry projects, get real-time feedback from mentors, and engage with your peers to discuss different solutions during live classes. Here are a few of the sample projects:
    Use data to design the best strategy for offering coupons and discounts.
    Experiment with different driving routes to minimise wait times.
    Predict when would food arrive at customer's addresses.
    Sniff out fraud by analyzing millions of chat messages.
    *Projects may be updated based on student and partner feedback.

    Get 1:1 guidance with our top industry mentors

    Our 300+ mentors have helped thousands of students by defining their career paths, conducting mock interviews, and giving detailed feedback. Get paired with a mentor and schedule a personalized 1:1 mentoring session twice a month.

    Our panel of Industry Advisors has helped in creating best-in-class program.

    Ramit Sawhney
    Tower Research Capital / ShareChat
    Pawan Kumar
    Head of Data Science, Uber
    Yash Mimani
    McKinsey & Company
    Bhavik Rasyara
    Boston Consulting Group

    Our curriculum will prepare you to tackle the toughest problems in Data Science and ML

    Based on a simple 30 minutes MCQ test, you enter Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced sections. Beginner and Intermediate sections cover some additional basic topics that Advanced students do not need.
    I know bare minimum coding. Starting from scratch
    15 months Course
    Coming soon!
    I know coding in one programming language. Can build basic applications.
    13 months Course
    Enrolment open
    I am good at coding. I know basic problem solving, data structures, algorithms. Can build basic to advanced applications.
    11 months Course
    Enrolment open

    Introduction to Programming

    clock-icon 8 Weeks
    • Decision trees & control
    • Binary number system
    • Strings
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Loops

    Programming - Intermediate

    clock-icon 8 Weeks
    • Introduction to Number systems and Bit Manipulations
    • Time Complexity Analysis
    • Arrays Techniques
    • Basic Maths for Programming
    • Sorting and Hashing Libraries
    • Recursion
    • OOPS

    Statistical Analysis & Data Analytics

    clock-icon 8 Weeks
    • Python, Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas
    • Git, Linux Terminal, File I/O
    • Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra
    • Distributions, Sampling, Hypothesis Testing
    • Databases, SQL, Index, Partition, Schema
    • Web API, Scraping, Automation, Flask

    Data Science & Machine Learning

    clock-icon 8 Weeks
    • EDA, Data wrangling, Feature Engineering
    • Supervised & Unsupervised Models
    • Ensembling
    • Factor analysis
    • Predictive Modeling & Forecasting
    • Recommender system

    ML Engineering - Deep Learning & Big Data

    clock-icon 12 Weeks
    • Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch
    • Neural Networks, Computer Vision, NLP
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Research Papers in Deep Learning
    • Warehouse - AWS S3, HDFS, HBase, NoSQL
    • Ingestion - Kafka
    • Analysis - PySpark, YARN, Airflow, Hive

    Programming - Advanced

    clock-icon 15 Weeks
    • Time Complexity, Arrays, Strings, Binary Search, 2 Pointers, Recursion, Hashing, Sorting, Bit manipulation
    • Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees, Tries, Heap
    • Greedy, DP, Graphs
    • DB and System Design

    Our teaching army will make you confident about your fundamentals

    Our tutors are experts from top companies who have built scalable systems and understand the real-life importance of Data Science and Machine Learning.
    Connect with an Academic Counsellor
    Get all the information about scholarships and low cost EMI options
    Eligibility: Anyone who graduated in 2022 or before

    We also help you prepare for your job search and your interviews

    Access job opportunities from our 180+ employer partners
    Exchange job opportunities with our 20K+ Scaler student community'
    Practice mock interviews with people working in the industry
    Optimize your resume & LinkedIn profile with our experienced experts

    Scaler alumni work at reputed tech organizations and promising startups

    Hear from our scaler students and make an informed decision!

    I am superpysched to be a part of Tekion Corp as Senior Software Engineer. The best of interview process I have ever experienced.
    Thanks to the entire team of Scaler to help upgrade my skillsets which certainly made it less daunting. Anshuman Singh Abhimanyu Saxena. Hope to take it to even greater heights!
    The way they taught was the aspect that stood out most to me. Each student was invited to give solutions, and every answer was dissected. No doubt was small enough, and every approach was thought about.
    Thanks to scaler lectures, mentor sessions, and my Mentor Drishti Agarwal, who not only helped me in tackling technical questions but also constantly gave me behavioural and communication tips.
    And the most important part, the mock interviews with my mentor, made me more confident day by day.

    Tuition Fee

    With EMI options, your payment can be as low as Rs 9,811 per month - that's like your monthly grocery bill!
    Total fee: Rs 2.99L inclusive of GST at super affordable EMI options. Try the course for the first 2 weeks - full money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw.
    EMIs (Pay in Equated Monthly Installments)

    You can find both no-cost EMI & standard interest EMI from our NBFC partners. See below a summary of their best plans (more details available at the time of payment)


    Delievered via our EMI partners - ZestMoney, Propelled, Eduvanz, Liquiloans

    You can also choose to avail EMI options from your credit card providers.

    Data Science Training Course FAQs

    What is eligibility for a Data Science course in Kolkata?

    As a subject, Data Science is a fusion of concepts from Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics. It is essential that students have at least one degree in one of the following fields: science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Additionally, having studied computer programming in high school can be beneficial.

    What are the Career Opportunities or type of jobs that I will be suited for after completing this Data Scientist course in Kolkata?

    n Data Science, there are a variety of job roles that can be assigned depending on industry needs. Once you graduate from our Data Science course in Kolkata, you will possess an in-demand set of skills critical to today's Data Science career opportunities, which include: Junior/Senior/Associate/Staff Data Scientist, Celonis Data Scientist, Forecasting Analyst, Research Analyst, Data Analytics, Analytics Lead/Manager/Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer, Statistical Programming Specialist, and many more.

    What kind of salary can I expect as a Data Science Professional?

    As a fresher in Data Science, you can expect to earn between Rs. 4-8 lakhs per annum. An experienced professional data scientist (3-5 years experience) earns more than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum by virtue of their skills and expertise. Their salary increases are largely determined by their skill development and learning capabilities. If you are more adept at learning, you will be more likely to grow.

    What important skills will you learn through this Data Scientist course in Kolkata?

    A Data Scientist must possess a wide range of skills and be knowledgeable about the tools and techniques involved. Some of the key skills you learn with our Data Science program in Kolkata include statistical skills, mathematical skills, programming skills (Python, Java, etc.), Data mining skills, cloud computing skills (like AWS and others), ML skills (K-Nearest Neighbour, random forests, ensemble methods, support vector machines, etc.), database skills (SQL, NoSQL, etc.), etc.

    What projects are included in this Data Scientist course?

    As part of the course, you will have the opportunity to work on real industry projects, get feedback directly from mentors, and discuss different solutions with your peers. A few sample projects are listed below:

  • Use data to design the best strategy for offering coupons and discounts.
  • Experiment with different driving routes to minimise wait times.
  • Predict when food will arrive at customers' addresses.
  • Sniff out fraud by analyzing millions of chat messages.
  • What is the Data Science career path in Kolkata?

    Kolkata has always been a strong academic hub as well as a flourishing tech hub. Three major sectors make up Kolkata's industrial core: IT, manufacturing, and automobiles. Kolkata is now entering the Data Science game, where large corporations and small to medium businesses are incorporating Data Science into their business strategies. Therefore, job and growth prospects in the Data Science field are vast and commendable in Kolkata. Our Data Science training course in Kolkata is designed to train students with the in-demand skills they will need to succeed in today's job market. This course facilitates a deeper understanding of the Data Science domain enabling you to comprehend both trivial and substantial concepts with ease.

    What are the fees for the Data Science course in Kolkata?

    In Kolkata, the fee for the Data Science course is Rs. 2.99L inclusive of GST. EMI options are available. Take the course for two weeks - if you decide to withdraw, you're fully refunded. If you opt for an EMI option, your monthly payment will be as low as Rs. 9,811.

    What are the learning objectives of this Data Science course of Kolkata?

    After completing this data science course of Kolkata, students will be able to:

  • Acquire relevant programming skills.
  • Possess an understanding of statistical analysis.
  • Acquire the ability to develop and assess data-based models.
  • Utilize professional statistical software to perform statistical analyses.
  • Manage data effectively.
  • The ability to solve real-world problems using data science concepts and methods and effectively communicate these solutions.
  • What are the prerequisites for this data science course in Kolkata?

    Data Science, as its name implies, focuses on data. The most important prerequisite to learning this Data Science course is having a love and understanding of data, as well as the ability to deal with data. Prerequisites for this Data Science course can mainly be categorised into two types:

    1. Technical Data Science Prerequisites (Includes SQL databases, Python programming, R programming, Machine learning and artificial intelligence, mathematics and statics, data visualization, etc.)
    2. Non-Technical Data Science Prerequisites (Includes interpersonal and analytical skills like teamwork, communication skills, business strategy, etc.)

    Why be a Data Scientist?

    With the ability to analyze vast datasets, Data Scientists are able to quickly identify and solve the problems as well as uncover the latent problems. Thousands of professionals, as well as fresh graduates, are flocking to the field of Data Science. In essence, it is a combination of data analytics, science, and management tools. In recent years, the profile of Data Scientists has grown due to the rising demand from industry. With today's data-driven and tech-driven economy, data scientists are highly sought after, and their salaries and job growth reflect that.

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