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Our curriculum will help you master interviews and make a mark at your first job

Choose your goal to see topics you need to master

Interview Prep
Get interview ready for top product companies
Competitive Programming
Be a top ranking competitive programmer
Learn essential skills to build your first startup
Kickass project
Make a cutting edge project to stand out

Module One -

Career Essentials
Basic DSA
Basic Maths
Bit Manipulation
Searching Algo
2-pointer / window approach
Queues and Stacks
Advanced DSA
Maps and Sets
Basic Dynamic Programming
Basic Graph
Competitive Programming
Segment Trees
Advanced Maths
Advanced Dynamic Programming
Advanced Graph
Career Readiness Toolkit
Resume and profile prep
Effective Communication
Art of unlocking opportunities
Mock Interviews
Company specific sessions
Tech In-Depth
Useful to have
Language deep dive (Java / C++ / Python)
Garbage collection
Object Oriented Programming
CS Fundamentals
Useful to have
Operating Systems
SQL: Write complex queries
Art of schema design
Computer Networks

Career Track

Choose your Career Track
  • Array
  • Schema Design
  • MVC:Django
  • AWS Cloud
  • SQL Pro
  • Computer Vision
  • Analytics on product metrics with case studies
  • Natural Language Processing

Module Two -

Career Capstone Project
(One of the below)
Build a Zomato-like app
(restaurant directory with ratings)
Build a Swiggy-like app
(live food ordering service)
Build a app
(Music streaming website)

Your learning is our #1 priority! Read what Edge learners are saying

Saarth Jhaveri
Saarth Jhaveri
The well planned and well executed curriculum, along with the excellent live classes were exactly what I needed. The inspiring peer group and my mentor have finally put me on a focussed track, and Scaler is the only thing that helps me code regularly.
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Structured Curriculum
Structured Curriculum
Bhuvan Sharma
Bhuvan Sharma
Scaler Edge's inclusive and comprehensive guidance along with their structured syllabi, constant support towards students and round the clock doubt clearance has helped me a lot in moving forward. I would give Scaler a solid 10/10 for everything.
Read More On Medium
Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning
Avnish Yash
Avnish Yash
The experienced instructors provide us with holistic guidance and motivation.Scaler Edge has made me more efficient, and the well thought out mentor system has proved to be invaluable. I would highly recommend it to everyone.
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The experiential learning module and dedicated faculty makes me eagerly look forward to my time at Scaler Edge, and develop the much needed structure for my future.
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Snehil S Kumar
Snehil S Kumar
The friendly faculty and motivating mentorship at Scaler Edge makes me feel refreshed and motivated to learn even more. Kshtij sir and Paridhi ma'am's lessons stand out to me as some of the best insights into industry standards.
Read More On LinkedIn
Personal Mentor
Personal Mentor
Shourya Jain
Shourya Jain
The teachers, especially Pragy Sir, teach us to understand and not to mug up. The additional support from TAs and my mentor is a blessing, and I'm finally seeing a big improvement in my skillset.
Read More On LinkedIn

We curate every element to make you ready for your first job

Hybrid Live Classes 3x/week by industry-leading faculty
Daily Live Teaching Assistants for doubt-solving
1:1 Mentorship and Mock Interviews from industry experts
Practical Experience through real-life Capstone Projects

We understand you are busy, which is why we have designed a flexible program for your needs

Missed a class?
No worries, watch it later at your convenience from your Archive.
Want to revise?
Rewatch lectures, read notes and practice, and you’ll be caught up in no time at all!
Have doubts?
Fear not, our Teaching Assistants are there to help sort out any issue, big or small, round the clock.
Want a study-buddy?
Team up with classmates and get rewards! Who knows, maybe Edge is where you’ll meet your future co-founder :)

Your first job matters more than you think, and our #1 priority is to prepare you for it

Dedicated recruiter team & 100+ employer partners help bring you diverse options
Exchange job opportunities with our extensive Scaler student community
Practice mock interviews with people working in the industry
Optimize your resume & LinkedIn profile with our experienced experts

Our alumni work at reputed technology companies and promising startups

and 624+ employer partners

We bring you the best instructors and mentors to make you industry ready

No more textbook knowledge! Learn from engineers who have helped build tech unicorns

Our Teaching Army

Our tutors have built scalable systems and realise the real-life importance of DSA and System Design, not just in interviews but throughout your career

Your Personalized mentors

Personalised 1:1 mentor sessions focused on career mindsets, resume reviews and mock interviews

Become a Scaler Mentor
A chance to give back to the community. Mentor Scaler students and help them unlock their true potential.

We built Scaler Edge for college students after transforming the lives of 800+ working professionals through Scaler Academy!


Learners have enrolled


Employer Partners

Getting to learn core topics from masters in the fields, having inspirational figures like the founders at the helm, mentorship by people working at Google and Facebook- these all made for an unmatched experience.
Scaler taught me to be audacious, and Abhimanyu sir and all my mentors helped me better my skills and get a more rounded approach to programming.
At Scaler, I felt like the whole team was working to make sure that my efforts bore fruit, and I'm grateful for all the uplifting coaching, mentoring and assistance I've recieved over the months.
The knowledge and understanding of programming that I got from Scaler, along with their constant support throughout helped me scale new heights and fulfill my goals.
I still watch the recorded classes of Scaler, and try to hone my skills more, Scaler has helped me gain confidence and constantly strengthen my core concepts.
I would recommend Scaler to anyone who wishes to improve their technical skills, learn the basics and bridge the gap between your strengths and weaknesses, between where you are, and where you want to be.
The well mapped out curriculum made me have a consistent schedule, and all the mentoring and guidance led me to my dream position.
Teaching by industry professionals and experts, regular tests and launchpad classes helped me get a comprehensive grasp on coding despite being from a nontech background.
Coming from a humble background, I never realised I could achieve such goals until Scaler. Their constant motivation and guidance helped build my skillset, and scale new heights!
Anshuman sir taught us how to build programs intuitively, and Scaler changed my whole outlook towards coding, productivity and life.
The whole team behind Scaler, and their dedication to every one of their students, has given me the confidence to think that anything I wish to pursue is attainable if I work hard for it.
All the interactive live classes with experienced instructors, the sessions with veteran mentors and the rigorous mock interviews helped bridge the gap in my learning process.
The motivation and constant support from the whole team at Scaler made my self worth stronger, and I was able to overcome all obstacles easily. The co-founders are a source of constant inspiration to me.
My problem solving skills improved drastically, and the in depth classes along with personalised mentoring helped me build up my strength in coding.
Onsite hackathon, getting to the root of coding patterns, and live interactive classes helped me grow as a coder, and strength my resolve to achieve my dreams.
The well structured, expansive curriculum, instructors, TAs, mentors, everyone helped shape a better career for me, and have taught me how to succeed in this field.
A lot of advanced web dev topics taught at Scaler taught by Siddhart sir gave me an edge over my peers, and I ultimately absorbed more here than I ever did anywhere else.
Scaler pushed me to be my better self, while giving me constant support throughout, and their whole system allowed me to grow like never before.
My mentor worked tirelessly with me over my CV for two hours. This type of motivation and encouragement at Scaler lead me to overcome all my tech related issues and anxieties.
The whole Scaler team, especially my mentor and success manager came to my rescue whenever I needed it, and gave me the drive I needed to upscale my profile and skills.
Scaler is the perfect mix of everything as it's created by experts who are trying to find a solution to a broken system, and it helped me launch my career and cement my core strengths.
Scaler seems like a different place altogether, everyone working to solve my issues and changing the way I approach problems. My mentor and success manager were two constant pillars of support, and I can not be grateful enough to them for helping me reach this position.

In education and in life, an aspirational peer group always takes learning to the next level. Your peers inspire you to be better

Via ScalerChat, you can interact with your peers across all classes and batches and even our alumni. Collaborate on projects, share job referrals & interview experiences, compete with the best, make new friends - the possibilities are endless and our community has something for everyone!

Here are some of the many useful channels on ScalerChat:

Competitive Coding
Competitive Coding
Competitive Coding
Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing
Competitive Coding
Knowledge Sharing

Start your learning journey or make some Maggi? In 2 minutes, you can do both!

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Tuition Fee

Module 1 - Career Essentials (6 months) : Rs. 39,999
Module 1 & 2 - Career Essentials & Career Capstone (12 months): Rs. 59,999
Full money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw within the first 2 weeks of classes

With scholarships upto Rs. 10,800 , your fee can be as low as Rs. 4099/month - that’s like your monthly grocery bill !

Scholarship Options
  1. Get up to Rs.10,800 as scholarship basis your performance in the 45 minutes entrance test!
  2. Post joining, you will continue to be rewarded for your performance through our internal gamification system and receive many exciting rewards & privileges :)

Get to know us !

Benefit from our free resources

A platform loved by hundred thousands of engineers from across the globe, IB helps you learn and practice DSA and System Design through a structured library of real-life interview questions
We teach you the basics of some of the most important topics in any rockstar developer’s toolkit, through 2-7 day live-class courses taken by some of our top Scaler Faculty. You can use these especially to get comfortable with our quality and style of teaching!
Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)
Connect live with our faculty, mentors, students and alumni, who help you get answers to a wide range of questions, ranging from importance of DSA / System Design to clearing interviews, building a career and achieving success.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are only two criteria for eligibility - you should be a college student and you should know basic coding. You can be in any branch or degree. We believe 3rd and 4th year students will benefit the most from the program, but if you’re an early starter in 1st or 2nd year and want to apply, we will consider your application as well.
The entire program lasts 1 year, and is split into 2 modules of 6 months each. You will receive certificates for both modules separately.
We try to adjust the timing of our lectures to cater to the needs of the student. Our classes are held in the evening to make sure college schedules do not clash with our classes. All class recordings are available after the class for you to learn and revise at your own pace. And ofcourse, you can raise help requests for conceptual as well as problem-specific doubts for a live TA to come and help you as you revise with recorded lectures.
Yes, you will receive a certificate of Scaler Edge Career Essentials at the end of Module 1 , and Scaler Edge Career Capstone at the end of Module 2 basis your performance.
The program allows you to achieve 4 goals -a) get interview ready for jobs and internships, b) build your skills in competitive programming, c) build a kickass project that is resume-ready and d) get ready to launch your own startup. Your goals may change over time which is why our curriculum caters to all these 4 goals, and depending on your preference you can choose to spend more effort on the specific topics relevant to your goal of choice.
We expect our coursework which is a battle-ready mix of concepts, hands-on application and group-work to take approx 15 hours of weekly commitment. You can expect on average 3 classes/week leading to 6-7 hours. To absorb the concepts from the class, we expect you to dedicate 8-10 hours of coding practice through our curated assignments, homework and projects.
A Scaler Edge counsellor will reach out to you within
48 Hours
Applications Closed
Program Registration
Thank You for showing your interest in Scaler Edge! Unfortunately, we do not have seats for more students now. We will add you to our waitlist for future batches.
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