Operating System Course: Learn Fundamentals of Operating System

Operating System Course with Certification

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Srikanth Varma,
Lead DSML Instructor at Scaler

About this Free Operating System Course: Learn Fundamentals of Operating System

Scaler Topics free Operating System Course offers a comprehensive overview of operating systems, providing you with a deep understanding of their structure, functionalities, and importance in operating systems.

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1d 6h 44m (7 Modules)
6 Challenges
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What you’ll learn

The skills that you would learn after taking up this Operating System Course: Learn Fundamentals of Operating System online course are:
  • Operating System Concepts: Gain a solid foundation in the core concepts and principles that underlie operating systems, such as process management, memory management, file systems, and device management.

  • System Administration: Learn how to administer and manage an operating system, including user management, file and directory permissions, and system configuration.

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging: Develop the ability to identify and resolve common issues and errors that can occur within an operating system environment.

  • Operating System Security: Understand the principles of operating system security and learn how to implement security measures to protect computer systems from unauthorized access and threats.

7 Modules | 67 Lessons | 1d 6h 44m

Certificate for Free Operating System Course: Learn Fundamentals of Operating System

After successfully completing the course, you’ll be awarded with Certificate Of Excellence from Scaler
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Instructor of this course

Srikanth Varma
Srikanth Varma
Lead DSML Instructor at Scaler
Srikanth Varma
Lead DSML Instructor at Scaler
2000+ Students on Scaler Platform
600+ Hours of Lectures Delivered
5 Star Instructor on Scaler
9 Courses
  • Co-Founder & Principal Instructor, Applied AI & AppliedRoots
  • Senior ML Scientist @ Amazon, Palo Alto and Bangalore
  • Co-Founder, Matherix Labs
  • Research Engineer, Yahoo! Labs
  • Masters from IISc Bangalore, Gate 2007(AIR 2)
  • 13 years of experience in AI and Machine Learning

Pre-requisites for free Operating System certification course:

To enroll in this free Operating System Course, you do not need any specific prerequisites. However, basic computer literacy and familiarity with computer hardware and software concepts will be beneficial.

Who should learn this free Operating System course?

Our free Operating System Course is suitable for:

  • Beginners interested in understanding the fundamentals of operating systems.
  • Computer science students or professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in operating systems.
  • System administrators or IT professionals responsible for managing and maintaining computer systems.

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