Instagram System Design Course: From Concept to Reality

Free Instagram System Design Course Online With Certificate

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Anshuman Singh,
Co-Founder at Scaler

About this Free Instagram System Design Course: From Concept to Reality

The Scaler Topics free Instagram System Design course is designed to help you understand the complex architecture of Instagram. In this system design course, you will learn about the various components of the Instagram system, such as the photo and video sharing platform, feed generation, search engine, notifications, and more. You will also learn how these components are interconnected to create a seamless user experience.

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Subtitles: English
1h 34m (1 Modules)
1 Challenges
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What you’ll learn

The skills that you would learn after taking up this Instagram System Design Course: From Concept to Reality online course are:
  • Understanding the Instagram architecture
  • Building scalable systems for social media platforms
  • Designing efficient algorithms for search and feed generation
  • Implementing notifications and messaging systems
  • Analyzing and optimizing performance and scalability
1 Modules | 14 Lessons | 1h 34m

Certificate for Free Instagram System Design Course: From Concept to Reality

After successfully completing the course, you’ll be awarded with Certificate Of Excellence from Scaler
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Instructor of this course

Anshuman Singh
Anshuman Singh
Co-Founder at Scaler
Anshuman Singh
Co-Founder at Scaler
7500+ Students on Scaler Platform
1000+ Hours of Lectures Delivered
5 Star Instructor on Scaler
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Pre-requisites for free Instagram System Design Course with Certification:

To enroll in the Instagram System Design certification course, you should have a basic understanding of computer science and software engineering. Some knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and database management will be helpful.

Who Should Learn This Instagram System Design Course?

The Instagram System Design course is designed for software engineers, system architects, and developers who want to learn about the architecture and design of large-scale social media platforms like Instagram. This system design course is also suitable for beginners who are interested in learning about the latest trends and technologies in social media platforms.

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