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Data Science with Python and SQL Certification Course Online

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Srikanth Varma,
Lead DSML Instructor at Scaler

About this Free Python and SQL for Data Science Course

Introducing the Free Data Science with Python and SQL Certification Course Online, a comprehensive beginner's program designed to help aspiring data scientists learn the essential skills in the rapidly growing field of data science. This course offers a unique blend of practical and theoretical knowledge, combining the powerful programming language Python and the versatile database management system SQL to help you analyze, visualize, and interpret data efficiently.

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Subtitles: English
14h 46m (8 Modules)
8 Challenges
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What you’ll learn

The skills that you would learn after taking up this Python and SQL for Data Science online course are:
  • Data manipulation and cleaning using Python libraries such as NumPy and pandas.
  • Statistical analysis and implementation of machine learning algorithms with Scikit-learn.
  • Data visualization using Python libraries like Matplotlib.
  • SQL fundamentals, including querying, data extraction, and database management.
  • Effective handling of structured data using SQL.
  • Practical application of data science techniques through hands-on projects and real-world examples.
8 Modules | 73 Lessons | 14h 46m

Certificate for Free Python and SQL for Data Science

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Instructor of this course

Srikanth Varma
Srikanth Varma
Lead DSML Instructor at Scaler
Srikanth Varma
Lead DSML Instructor at Scaler
2000+ Students on Scaler Platform
600+ Hours of Lectures Delivered
5 Star Instructor on Scaler
9 Courses
  • Co-Founder & Principal Instructor, Applied AI & AppliedRoots
  • Senior ML Scientist @ Amazon, Palo Alto and Bangalore
  • Co-Founder, Matherix Labs
  • Research Engineer, Yahoo! Labs
  • Masters from IISc Bangalore, Gate 2007(AIR 2)
  • 13 years of experience in AI and Machine Learning

IMDB Dataset

Please find the IBMD Dataset used in the course here

Pre-requisites for free Python and SQL for Data Science certification course

While the Free Python and SQL for Data Science Certification Course is designed to be beginner-friendly, having some basic knowledge in the following areas can help you get the most out of the course:

  • Basic computer skills: Familiarity with operating systems, file management, and general navigation will help you work through the course more efficiently.

  • Basic mathematics and statistics: A fundamental understanding of arithmetic, algebra, and basic statistical concepts will make it easier to grasp the statistical analysis and machine learning aspects of the course. You can refer to: mathematics-for-machine-learning-free-course for learning basic ML mathematics.

  • Foundational programming concepts: Although not mandatory, having a basic understanding of programming concepts, such as variables, loops, and conditional statements, can facilitate a smoother learning experience.

  • Logical and analytical thinking: Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are essential for data scientists. Developing these skills beforehand can help you tackle complex tasks during the course.

  • Time management and commitment: As the course is self-paced, being disciplined and committed to the learning process will help ensure you successfully complete the course and obtain the certification.

With these prerequisites in mind, the course is designed to accommodate learners with little or no prior programming experience, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals interested in data science.

Who should learn this free Python and SQL course for Beginners?

  • Beginner-friendly: This free course is perfect for beginners wanting to elevate their programming journey and enter the field of Data Science using Python and SQL.
  • Zero to Hero: With self-determination and basic programming knowledge, the course guides learners from zero level to hero level through comprehensive instruction.
  • Suitable for Intermediate Learners: Those with prior Python knowledge can use this course to revise and deepen their understanding of Python for Data Science.
  • Covers Essential Libraries and SQL: The course teaches widely used Data Science libraries in Python and database management using SQL.
  • Concept Reinforcement: Concepts are reinforced through numerous questions and practical examples to ensure thorough understanding.

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