Full Stack Engineer Salary in United States (2023)

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If you are reading this article, you must be curious about the Full Stack engineer's salary. Given the high demand for Full Stack engineers across different countries, the pay scale for Full Stack developers is pretty good in several US cities and states. However, a Full Stack engineer’s salary depends on several factors, such as experience, location, and company size.

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How Much Is A Full Stack Engineer’s Salary?

In the United States, full-stack engineers earn an average salary of USD 100,639 per year and receive a cash bonus of USD 5,500 in addition to their salaries. However, Full Stack engineer salaries can range from USD 92,926 to USD 112,558 depending upon the location, candidate’s experience, skills, and company structure, among other factors.

Due to the increasing demand for Full Stack engineers across the United States, the salary scale of Full Stack Engineers has been growing. As per the latest statistics, the demand for Full Stack Engineers is expected to see a 13% jump by 2030. If you are a tech and coding enthusiast and software development excites you, then becoming a Full Stack engineer can be a smart choice.

Remote Full Stack Engineer Salary

The advantages of working remotely include flexible scheduling, saving time and money on commuting, and having access to a larger pool of prospective jobs because you can apply to remote jobs worldwide.

Remote full-stack engineers earn an average yearly pay of USD 110,000, with salaries ranging from USD 97,500 to USD 145,000.

Full-stack Engineer Salary By Experience Level

Many factors affect the salary structure of a Full Stack Engineer. However, one major factor affecting Full Stack engineer salary is the experience level. An entry-level employee's salary will differ from that of a mid to senior-level employee.

  • Entry-level salary: Entry-level full stack engineers can make an average salary of USD 90,147 Per Annum
  • Mid-level: Mid-level full stack engineers can make an average salary of USD 102,000 Per Annum
  • Senior level: Senior level full stack engineers can make an average salary of USD 114,126 Per Annum

Your salary range as a Full Stack Engineer depends on how much industry experience you possess. The average annual salary of an entry-level Full Stack Engineer is around USD 90K. The annual salary of a mid-level Full Stack Engineer is around USD 102K, and the average salary of a senior-level Full-Stack engineer is approximately USD 114K. To scale up your growth rate and salary as a Full Stack Engineer, you must learn essential front-end and back-end development skills.

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Full-stack Engineer Salary By City

City Average Annual Salary
Portland $134,000
San Francisco $133,000
Oakland $132,000
Los Angeles $130,000
Seattle $124,000
Austin $118,000

Full-stack Engineer Salary By The State

US states like Connecticut and California are among the top 5 paying states.

State Average Annual Salary
California $111,118
New Jersey $110,053
Massachusetts $108,301
Connecticut $107,704
Washington $106,310

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Full-Stack Engineer Salary By Company Size

Another prime factor affecting Full-Stack engineer salary is company size. For example, whether it's an MNC, a small startup, a tech giant, or a mid-sized company, the company size directly impacts the salary structure of the employees. If you work for a small-sized startup, your average annual salary will be around USD 90,147.

If you are working for a large enterprise, you may earn as much as USD 106,148.

Why should you choose Full Stack Engineering as a career?

Now that we have discussed in detail the Full Stack engineer salary structure and scope of a Full-Stack engineer, it is important to know about the other benefits involved in this field.

These benefits include

Enhanced future growth

If you become a Full Stack engineer, there is massive scope for rapid career growth. You will get a chance to work for the biggest tech giants by becoming multi-dimensional and learning new skills with each passing day.

It helps you build skills

If you are a Full Stack Engineer, you are not just a regular candidate but a one-stop solution for companies. You handle different projects at different stages, solve problems, and look after both the UI and UX. All these experiences make you more dynamic and versatile, aiding your professional growth at all levels. Finally, these skills will help you land even better positions in the future.

Massive demand

Did you know that the demand for Full Stack Engineers has grown to 20% in the past four years? Since they are a one-man army and manage the entire software development of a product, there has been a huge increase in their demand across all sectors in the market. And more demand means more opportunities, more pay, and more benefits. You can work in any company from across the globe and get a good annual salary, have a flexible schedule, and work on your own terms.


If you have always been fascinated by programming languages, the world of coding and design, and web development, then choosing to be a Full Stack Engineer can be a very smart career choice. Apart from great pay, you can manage an entire project by yourself and make your work talk. You get a chance to work with great industry leaders and make the best use of advanced technology to change the dynamics of the tech industry.

All you need to do is start learning the basic programming languages and frameworks involved in the front-end and back-end development process, along with other skills required to become a good and efficient full-stack engineer. You can also start by taking up a course in Full Stack engineering from a reputed education platform like Scaler Academy, known for its practical exposure and skilled mentors.

So, without wasting any time, sign up for the course, become a professional Full Stack developer, and get a chance to work in your dream company.