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Amazon provides us with a lot of services to develop and deploy. Suppose you are stuck in any services of AWS and can't proceed further. So, Amazon comes with another AWS service called AWS IQ, which connects customers with AWS experts for quick support in different domains. AWS IQ provides us with the assistance of AWS Certified professionals to help in different AWS projects. It is the best site to locate enthusiastic business experts about AWS. AWS IQ will assist you in finding exactly what you're searching for quickly, whether you need guidance for a specific assignment or an expert developer immediately.

What is AWS IQ?

Let's understand with an example what AWS IQ is. Suppose an individual studies for a competitive exam with resources like books and test sheets. If he is stuck in doubt, he may connect to the Experts to resolve the doubt. Similarly, whenever customers are stuck on AWS for them, Amazon provides them a service, i.e., AWS IQ, to resolve their queries with AWS-certified experts.

AWS IQ is an Amazon service that links customers with AWS-certified experts to get better support. It helps to consult with specialists about the project. An expert can begin work once you accept their proposal, which includes the project's deadlines, maximum price, and terms. To complete the task, you may have to give some access to your AWS account. You can pay the specialist directly from your AWS account once the project milestones have been completed.

What is AWS IQ for Experts?

AWS IQ is a service used in two ways: as an expert or as a customer. Customers can use it to gain practical assistance with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS IQ Experts are those who give their top-notch support to the customers according to their needs. Suppose your location is one of the supported jurisdictions for AWS Marketplace, and you have an active AWS Certification (Associate, Professional, or Specialty). In that case, you can register to become an expert in AWS IQ. You can get compensated as an expert for services you carry out for customers inside their AWS accounts.

Customers can check each expert's profile to ensure they're the right partner as an added security measure. You'll undoubtedly discover that each of their profiles has information on their qualifications, successes, and client testimonials that will assist you in making your choice.

How Does It Work?

Let's understand how AWS IQ works from a customer point of view. When a customer is stuck on his project, he can get practical assistance from AWS professionals through AWS IQ, who can finish their project. For tasks that are outside of the customer's area of expertise, AWS IQ is a wise choice. Here the customers get professional assistance to advance their projects with AWS IQ.

AWS IQ Working

The above image demonstrates how AWS IQ works for customers, including making requests, examining expert responses, choosing an expert, working securely, and paying the expert.

Now let's understand from an AWS IQ Expert point of view that after the customers submit their requests, it's time for the experts to respond. When customers make requests, Experts can regard them. With the help of the expert public profile page, customers can also get in touch directly. Experts discuss the project's specifics with the customer before starting the project. They develop a proposal containing tasks, deadlines, and payment arrangements for their customers. Customers also offer some required permissions of their AWS account that are necessary for the task, and the experts work in their account on their behalf. When the Specified tasks are completed, the experts get paid according to the proposal's parameters.

Working of AWS IQ

The above image demonstrates an AWS IQ expert's steps to set up a profile, connect with customers, begin a proposal, work securely to finish the task, and then ask for payment.


In the previous section, we learn about AWS IQ and how they work. Let's understand why we use AWS IQ. We use AWS IQ, as it provides features like credibility, faster solution, and security between the customers and experts.


AWS IQ provides more credibility than other forums like Reddit, i.e., we can rely more confidence on AWS IQ. Customers who use AWS IQ can ask a question and feel more sure that the answer they receive is trustworthy.


Sometimes we may need a developer to do some specific task. It may take days or even weeks to find candidates using hiring services as we need. But with the help of AWS IQ, Experts are on call, prepared to sign contracts, and ready to do the required tasks. It increases faster solutions for any problem.


All the services of AWS are more secure. So we don't have to panic about security. Data centers and network architecture that correspond to the requirements of the most security-conscious enterprises benefit the customers.


As AWS IQ manages all the contracting, permit messaging between customers and experts. It automates the entire employment process, from contract administration to pay. So, AWS IQ is an all-in-one process.

AWS IQ Use Cases

Use cases of AWS IQ are in domains like websites, networking, databases, cost optimization, analytics, etc.

Use Case in Websites

The range of proposals in the website domain is from $200 to $2000. It includes the use cases like:

  • Website Conversion to AWS: Our present WordPress website has to be moved from another hosting provider to AWS. Our website needs to load faster. Thus I need assistance choosing which AWS services to employ.
  • Help with Website and Email Hosting: Looking to move 75 email boxes from another provider along with folder organization/address books if possible." email is currently all IMAP. The domain and website must also be moved to AWS.
  • Advice on Website Architecture: To create a serverless GraphQL-based web application. Although I know AppSync and Amplify, I'd appreciate advice on the best technologies to utilize and the best steps to take when developing this.

Use Case in Networking

The range of proposals in the networking domain is from $100 to $18000. It includes the use cases like:

  • Put Transit Gateway in Place: We want a single account to manage VPN and networking access for our offices. The central account has an OpenVPN server, which also needs access to other accounts, and this account must "peer" (be a transit gateway) with other accounts within the same organization.
  • Need Assistance Setting Up a VPC for Our Serverless Architecture: To reduce internet access, we would like to set up all of our AWS serverless services (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, CloudWatch) in a VPC. Our services are to be surrounded by a barrier of protection.
  • VPN for Site-To-Site : For the project, our business needs to use an existing router to establish a site-to-site VPN connection from our AWS environment to our partner's network. We are looking for a consultant with knowledge of networking and AWS to advise on setup and architecture best practices. Even though this is a bigger project, it should start immediately.

Use Case in Databases

The range of proposals in the database domain is from $300 to $17000. It includes the use cases like:

  • Migration from On-Premises to RDS: We need guidance on moving a MySQL database from on-premises to RDS. We can begin with a consultation immediately, but we'd also like the task to be carried out by a professional.
  • Optimizing The Performance of The MySQL Databases: I need someone to review my databases and make suggestions for enhancements. It's time to change the instance type or if there's still room to modify the parameters, storage kinds, and indexes.
  • Migrate Two Databases and Apps: Each of our two Ruby on Rails applications has a separate Postgres database. 30GB and 500GB, respectively. I want the Ruby on Rails applications and the databases planned and moved to AWS. I am still determining what technology would work best for us, but stability and uptime are more important than cost-effectiveness. We intend to minimize any downtime, as anticipated.

Use Case in Cost Optimization

The range of proposals in the cost optimization is from $150 to $4500. It includes the use cases like:

  • Optimize The Use of Our Internal AWS: We have adopted several tools over the past year, but we are amateurs and have discovered that we need to be more spending on our current AWS arrangement. To lower our spending, we need assistance comprehending what is happening and making the necessary changes. This task should be completed this week.
  • Request to Lower AWS Expenses: We seek to identify unused resources and eliminate them from all regions. So, we want to have someone audit our accounts.
  • Create an EC2/RDS Instance Report : We want to create an Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instance report. We want to create a report that would display all of our Amazon EC2 instances by instance ID based on the AWS Cost and Usage Report. Both reserved and on-demand instances should be included.

Use Case in Analytics

The range of proposals in the analytics domain is from $300 to $7500. It includes the use cases like:

  • Create a Data Warehouse: We need to create a data warehouse to store data from many sources. Our business must use that data to perform analytics, including static reports and models based on machine learning.
  • Real-Time Analytics: To develop a project for analytics using only AWS native services. I want to manage batch and real-time data sources and offer a single source of truth for data collection, archiving, and analysis that is ad hoc and BI-enabled.
  • Set Up a Cross-Account ETL Pipeline: We need someone to create an ETL pipeline for Parquet and CSV data kept in S3 storage. About every hour, data is updated. For our queries, we'll utilize Athena, and for visualization, Tableau. The data is stored in S3 buckets in another account to which we have read-only access.

Some of the other use case's purposes are from $100 to $500.

  • Introduction to SageMaker : I want to learn more about SageMaker's operations and determine whether it would suit my company. I want to start with an hour-long consultation.
  • One-Click Voice Message to Phone for The IoT: This project aims to give nurses access to an IoT button in an emergency room department so they may draw blood from patients. I set up a test but need to attach a phone to it.

AWS IQ Security

At AWS, cloud security is given top importance. You gain access to a network and data center architecture designed to satisfy the needs of the most security-conscious businesses as an AWS customer.

AWS and the users both share responsibility for security. This is referred to as the shared responsibility model, which describes as security of the cloud and security in the cloud.

  • Security of The Cloud - AWS is in charge of defending the system that powers AWS services on the AWS Cloud. We can use the security services that AWS offers. Third-party auditors frequently assess and confirm the efficacy of our security as part of the AWS compliance program. See AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program to learn more about the compliance programs that apply to AWS IQ.
  • Security in The Cloud - The AWS service utilization will decide the obligation. Other aspects, such as the sensitivity of your data, the needs of your company, and any applicable rules and regulations, are also the customers' responsibility.

AWS IQ Pricing

Let's know about the pricing of AWS IQ. Posting a request on AWS IQ is cost-free. Customers and experts agree on a defined price, which you then pay through your AWS account upfront, in installments, or on a predetermined schedule. The expert charge will always stay within the sum specified in the proposal.

Customers don't have to argue about the platform recommendations made by AWS IQ because it is a free Amazon service that is not bound by contracts or up-front commitments. After the project milestones have been reached, AWS experts are paid, and the client and the expert agree upon the service fee. Customers can pay the final platform charge directly from their account dashboard.

Getting Started with AWS IQ

We can start using AWS IQ as a customer or as an expert.


Customers can specify in AWS IQ exactly what they need an AWS Certified expert to do by creating a request. There are instructions for creating requests on this topic.

We must have the following to generate a request in AWS IQ:

  • AWS account with a saved payment option.
  • A user of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) with full access to accept expert proposals and payments.
  • To offer experts access to your AWS account, you must use either the root user for your AWS account or an IAM user account with IAMFullAccess permissions. See Setting up account permissions to utilize AWS IQ for additional information on the necessary account permissions.
  • Google Chrome (version 72 or higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 66 or higher), and Apple Safari are the supported web browsers (version 10 or higher).


Experts have to register to become an expert on AWS IQ. Then a public profile page is made for each expert. All of the following conditions must be true to allow customers to contact experts through their public profile page:

  • You must reside in an appropriate jurisdiction supported by AWS Marketplace as a freelancer or employee and possess accurate tax and U.S. banking information. You can open a U.S. bank account with Hyperwallet if you don't already have one. See the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide's description of the seller registration process for more details about Hyperwallet.
  • You have a seller account on AWS Marketplace with your banking and tax information entered.
  • With the managed policies AWSIQFullAccess and IAMFullAccess, you have an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account. See Set up account permissions to utilize AWS IQ for additional details.
  • You have enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your AWS account. See Enabling MFA devices for users in AWS in the AWS Identity and Access Management User Guide for additional details.
  • Your company must have at least one expert with a current AWS Certification (Associate, Professional, or Specialty).

Sign Up to Become an Expert

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit this link to log into the AWS IQ console.
  2. Select Set up a profile from the Expert signup menu, then fill in your profile details. See Setting up your individual or business details in AWS IQ for additional instructions on creating your profile.

WAS IQ Expert

  1. To set up an AWS Marketplace account with your payment details, select Go to AWS Marketplace from the Expert signup menu, then select Set up payments. Visit Set up payments in AWS IQ for further details on how to set up payments.

Expert of AWS IQ

  1. AWS IQ will be in touch with you with the following activation instructions once Steps 2 and 3 have been finished. The process might take three weeks.

How to Make a Request on AWS IQ?

Customers can submit a request and quickly receive qualified assistance.

Make a Request on AWS IQ

Follow these steps to request AWS IQ.

  1. Go to the AWS IQ Console using this link after login into AWS.

How to Make a Request on AWS IQ

  1. Fill out the request title and needs description, and click the Next button. Be as descriptive as possible and mention intended outcomes, applicable technology, and a rough estimate of your ideal payout amount for quicker and higher-quality responses.

Making a Request on AWS IQ

  1. Check your request's content, confirm that your name and email address are correct, and click Post Request.

AWS IQ Request

  1. A page to submit a cost estimate will be brought up.

Request on AWS IQ

  1. Your suggestion has been sent to the forums so professionals can respond with suggestions. Users can quickly control incoming replies using the panel.

Request AWS IQ

  1. Examine the expert profiles when the responses start to come in and choose your chosen developer. On your console, you can interact by message or video and select the offer that best meets your need.

  2. You and the specialist create a contract. Execution is necessary after both parties have agreed upon the conditions.

  3. The specialist will ask for access to your AWS account. Following your consent, the expert will receive a URL allowing them to log in to the AWS Management Console as the designated role. Ensure that your IAM policies fit your standards so that the expert can only access the agreed-upon features.

Steps to Make Request on AWS IQ

  1. The IQ expert will produce a payment request following the achievement of a predetermined milestone. Work will continue up until the project's conclusion once you give your approval for the payment.

  2. Now that the project is complete, provide the expert with public and private feedback. The public comments will be reflected on their profile, assisting potential clients in validating the caliber of a developer's work.

AWS IQ Make Request


  • AWS IQ is an Amazon service created to link customers to get better support with AWS-certified experts.
  • It is used by customers for requesting paid assistance, whereas experts use it for providing paid assistance.
  • We use AWS IQ, as it provides features like credibility, faster solution, and security between the customers and experts.
  • Top use cases of AWS IQ are in domains like websites, networking, databases, cost optimization, and analytics.
  • AWS provides better security in this AWS IQ service.
  • Posting a request on AWS IQ is cost-free. Customers and experts agree on a defined price, which you then pay through your AWS account upfront.