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The most popular cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides more than 200 included services that combine infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS) solutions. AWS has data centers spread worldwide and provides the deepest functionality within those featured services. These AWS services offer to compute, build, storage, and network functionalities with pay-as-you-go pricing. AWS provides services and solutions to millions of customers and communities, including industries, start-ups, enterprises, public sector organizations, and many more.

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AWS Tutorial
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Why Learn AWS?

The Cloud computing market is experiencing exponential growth in demand. Learning and adapting to the Cloud Computing Services and its infrastructure is essential. Please consider the below reasons necessary to learn AWS:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the fastest-growing and widely used cloud platform offering its services globally.
  • With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, expertise in Cloud Computing is essential for IT Professionals.
  • The demand for AWS and Cloud Computing Skills is Outstripping the Supply as there is an increase in the percent of jobs requiring AWS Skills.
  • Increase in the number of cloud migrations to AWS.
  • AWS Skills are well paid and remunerated.

Applications of AWS

Amazon Web Services is used in many different applications, including:

  • Storage and Data, Backup recovery, Disaster Management
  • Game Development
  • Website and Application Hosting
  • Big Data Management and Analytics
  • AI & ML
  • Internet of Things
  • Social Networking
  • Content Delivery, Content Management, and Media Distribution
  • Mobile Applications
  • Search Engines
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Media sharing and many more.

Advantages of AWS

AWS offers multiple benefits, which makes it the leading and successful cloud provider. Below are a few of the advantages of AWS:

  • AWS is cost-effective with the pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • It doesn't have any up-front or long-term commitments.
  • Allows users to leverage the advantage of using familiar/already known programming models, operating systems, databases, and architectures.
  • AWS is easy-to-use which helps users to deploy applications globally in just a few clicks.
  • AWS also provides easy management with no overhead costs. There is no charge for maintaining the data centers/servers on the Cloud, which is way cheaper than maintaining and managing private/dedicated servers.
  • It is easily scalable according to usage, and we can also manually add/remove the capacities.
  • AWS provides consolidated management and billing.
  • Users can make easy and faster deployments.
  • It also offers hybrid and migration capabilities.
  • Access to the resources in AWS Cloud is effortless and quick.
  • AWS provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.


Knowledge of AWS is one of the most important skills employers look for these days.

Learning AWS courses/services can assist you in developing your AWS abilities and skills, whether you are a beginner hoping to enter the world of cloud computing or an experienced professional looking to advance in your career.

Anyone interested in starting their adventure into the world of Amazon Web Services should start learning AWS.


Learning AWS doesn't require any specific requirements. However, to get the most from this study path, be sure you are already familiar with the fundamentals of cloud computing, understand operating systems like Windows OS, Linux, etc., and are familiar with internet and networking fundamentals, virtualization, and storage.

Not least, among other things, you need to understand the basics of coding.

Career Opportunity of Learning AWS

Learning AWS can result in several high-paying IT employment. It's essential to stay updated if you want to advance your career in AWS. Earning an AWS Certification will give your resume an extra advantage.

The AWS certification is one of the most desirable certifications in the IT industry. These certifications confirm one's proficiency with the AWS platform and, as a result, make it possible to apply for many AWS positions. Several career options include:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • SysOps Administrator
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Data Architect
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Support Associate/Engineer etc
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Written by Industry expertsLearn at your own paceUnlimited access forever
17 Modules51 Hour 43 Minutes270 Lessons270 ChallengesLanguage IconLanguage: English
Written by Industry expertsLearn at your own paceUnlimited access forever
17 Modules51 Hour 43 Minutes270 Lessons270 ChallengesLanguage IconLanguage: English