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If you are in the tech or IT field, you might know how much in demand the backend developers are. Backend developers design and build all the logic that makes the applications run smoothly. They defer from the front-end developers who work on the user interface of an application.

If you are a person with lots of curiosity, congrats; you already have the caliber required to become a backend web developer. However, there are some vital skills you will need to learn if you want to become a backend developer.

With proper training, guidance, and mentorship, you can build a rewarding career out of it. It all depends on attaining the essential backend development skills.

In this article, we will discuss everything about backend developers, such as the required backend developer skills, the backend developer salary in India, the backend developer job description, the backend developer course, what is backend developer, and how to become a backend developer.

What Is Backend Development?

what is backend development

Backend development refers to a process done for server-side development. (It is referred to as “server-side” development because the creation of everything goes behind the scenes of a website or application that the user can't see.) This process focuses on databases, website architecture, and scripting.

Backend development comprises all the behind-the-scenes activities that occur when a user performs any action on the website. These activities are not visible to the end-user.

It can be anything, for instance, account log in or making online purchases from any online store. The code is written by a backend developer, and it helps the end-users communicate with the database information.

One more easy way to understand the backend development is:

When you read an article on the blog, the fonts, colors, and designs comprise the front end of the page. The article's contents are entered from a server and conveyed from a database. This is all the backend part of the page.

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What Is Backend Developer?

what is backend developer

After understanding the backend development process, let’s discuss in detail the role of backend developers and what backend developer is.

Backend developers are dedicated to designing, fixing, and transforming the features of a software application that an end user will never see.

Aren’t they like wizards of the tech and information systems sector, building the core features and elements of the programs that enhance the consumer’s digital experiences?

Whenever a consumer makes any type of request to the system through the front-end framework, the back-end developers must ensure that a program can answer any request for data.

But this is not the only duty of backend developers. These backend developers manage core databases and APIs and test and debug backend processes to ensure that an application functions smoothly on time.

Now that sounds a bit complicated, right?

But if fixing things and learning how to make things run better excites you, then you have all the qualifications to become a backend developer.

With the growing socio-economic dependency on technology, employers have a greater need for backend developers.

Backend Developer Skills

backend developer skills

Here are some skills required for backend developers.

Backend Programming Language

In the programming field, language is crucial; thus, you need to have a strong command of languages. This is how the backend developers will get the desired outputs and functionality. A few common programming languages backend developers commonly use are JavaScript, Python, Java, and PHP.

Java is preferred for portability and extreme performance, while Python is preferred for automating tasks and building websites. PHP is incorporated in more than 80% of websites.

Some of the top backend programming languages are:

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python

Knowledge of Frontend Technology

The front-end is the Graphical User Interface that users interact with. For example, all the graphic components you see on the website are part of the front end. So, if you have basic knowledge of backend developer skills, then you can try your hands at the basic frontend language. Moreover, it helps one better understand the overall scenario to communicate with the front-end team. You should have basic skills for this role, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A backend developer should have the potential to give instructions to the system for communicating with different algorithms. A backend developer should have a good grasp and in-depth knowledge of Javascript as these are the basics of frontend development.

Thus to become a good backend developer, one should have knowledge of frontend technologies like:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

Understanding of Backend Frameworks

Once you have chosen your language, now you have to polish your skills along with the framework.

The framework or libraries are the backbones of any application you are working on. These are some frameworks that you can consider using as a backend developer:

  • NodeJS
  • Django
  • ExpressJS.

Version Control System

The version control system is also known as the source control, responsible for all changes that should be made from time to time. The version control system can track every single code alteration in the codebase.

Some of the most favored version control systems platforms for backend developers are:

  • AWS code commit
  • GitHub
  • GitLab

Knowledge of Databases

While working on any project, it is essential to understand how to store large amounts of data in an efficient and structured way. So, it is important to have good control over the databases.

These are a few common databases used by backend developers:

  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Knowledge of API

"API" stands for Application Programming Interface. It is in charge of making connections between different applications. Backend developers use these APIs extensively to make connections between various applications to improve the user experience.

Some of the most favored ways of handling APIs among backend developers are:

  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • GSON

APIs also help frontend developers to “contact” the backend and access data from the database.

Server Handling

Since backend developers are accountable for performing all the backstage actions, they must have a good command of operating the server.

A server is like a cloud system that offers services like file storage, database, and security to other systems integrated into that network. A server receives user requests through the front-end interface (also known as the client) and responds with a result computed by the backend application.

Some of the popular tools for server handling are:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

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Backend Developers' Roles and Responsibilities

  • The job of backend developers is to understand the website's objective and find an effective solution.

  • Storing information and ensuring that it is displayed to the user who has to use it.

  • Backend developers are responsible for building payment processing systems like accepting data, securely holding information, and making changes for that payment.

  • They are responsible for managing API resources that work on various devices.

  • They are also involved in the architecture of the system and data science analyses.

  • The backend developers are also involved in making frameworks in order to make it easier to program against.

Backend Developer Salary

The current pay of backend developers in the market is USD 120,798 per year. If we look at the trend, the average income of a backend developer differs from country to country. However, the estimated rough figure is around USD 110,000 annually and INR 6,50,000 in India.

Moreover, this may vary based on the expertise and skill sets, location, and company as well. If we have to compare frontend and backend developers, then backend developers will definitely bag higher pay compared to frontend ones. This is mainly because of the logic that the entire structure of an app is built by the backend developers.

Frontend Developers vs. Backend Developers

front end vs back end developers

● The languages that a front-end developer should be familiar with are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ● The skills required for backend developers are databases, servers, APIs, and more.
● Front-end developers design the appearance of the website by taking end-user inputs. ● Backend developers develop applications that assist the front-end.
● Frontend development can not be offered independently. ● Backend development can be provided as an independent service.
● The Frontend development service makes the website accessible to all users. ● The backend team develops the application around the frontend and handles it.
● Popular frontend tools are jQuery, and HTML5. ● Popular backend tools are MySQL, and PHP.
● The average front-end developer salary is $104,405 per year. ● The average backend developer salary is $120,798 per year.


Nowadays, a career in backend development is a wise decision for all programming lovers and those passionate about technology. Once you decide on your career path, you can successfully decide on your educational path.

There are various ways to learn the backend developers' skills to become successful. You can opt for a degree program or choose the full-stack developer course offered by Scaler Academy.

The program will teach you all about backend and full-stack programming.

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Enjoy programming!