Front End Developer Salary in India 2023

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If you are reading this article, then the curiousness regarding the field of front-end development must have driven you here. If you have made up your mind and want to become a front-end developer, then let me tell you that it is a very smart choice. Front-end development is booming at the moment and will continue to expand.

What is a Front-end Developer?

A front-end developer is a professional responsible for building the front end of a website or web application using front-end technologies and frameworks(tools that provide ready-made components or solutions). In simple words, a front-end developer builds and maintains the design and other web app elements that users see and interact with. A front-end developer must have in-depth knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

what is front-end developer

For example, you create the structure of a login form by writing HTML. Then you can make it appealing by styling CSS. You will write JavaScript. JavaScript will validate the inputs and transfer the data to the backend.

The front-end developer closely works with the UI designer to ensure that the website or web application looks visually appealing and attractive. A good and efficient front-end developer will have in-depth knowledge of front-end languages and frameworks and will use them to develop the website or web application design from scratch.

What Does a Front-end Developer Do?

From building and developing new user-facing features to determining the structure and design of web pages and optimizing the web pages, a front-end developer is responsible for a website's entire design and look. The key job role of a front-end developer is to ensure that the design of a website is both aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time.

Here are the key job roles of a front-end developer in India:

  • Optimizing and enhancing the user experience (UX).
  • Using front-end languages like CSS, HTML, and Javascript for laying out the general content and structure, styling the website, and managing interactivity.
  • Developing responsive pages.
  • Managing software workflow.
  • Following best SEO practices to bring traffic to the website or a web application.
  • Fixing bugs and testing for usability.

Front-end Developer Salary

The average base salary of a front-end developer in India is ₹32,000 per month. However, it can range from ₹15,000 to ₹75,000 depending on experience, education, location, and other factors. The total compensation ranges from ₹131,140 – ₹1,809,800, with an average bonus of ₹3,740 – ₹187,900.

The median, base, or total compensation of a front-end developer in India depends on several factors—the number of experience the candidate has, education and qualification, and job location.

what is front end developer salary

Front-end Developer Salary by Location

Top cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai mass hire front-end developers due to the increased importance of business enhancement. However, the salary of a front-end developer based in New Delhi may differ from that of a front-end developer based in Chennai. Here’s the average annual salary of front-end developers in India based on location.

Location Average Annual Salary of a Front-End Developer
Front-end developer salary in Bengaluru ₹519,817
Front-end developer salary in Hyderabad ₹506, 279
Front-end developer salary in Pune ₹481,394
Front-end developer salary in Chennai ₹471,114
Front-end developer salary in New Delhi ₹5,37,917

Front-end Developer Salary by Experience

Another factor affecting a front-end developer's salary is the candidate's experience. If you have more industry experience, your salary bracket will be more.

  • If you are an entry-level employee, your average annual salary as a front-end developer will be ₹305,498 per annum.
  • If you have 1- 4 years of experience as a front-end developer and are a mid-level front-end developer, your average annual salary will be ₹452,073.
  • If you are a senior-level front-end developer with more than a decade of industry experience, you will earn ₹1,435,000 per annum.

front end salary by location

Front-end Developer Salary by Company

The salary of a front-end developer in India depends on the company they are working for. Top companies like HCL and Microsoft offer their front-end developers different pay scales and benefits. The salary of a front-end developer also depends on the employer's requirements and the candidate's education and experience, among other reasons.

Company Average Annual Salary
HCL ₹675k
TCS ₹590k
Infosys ₹495k
Accenture ₹700k

What is the Salary of Front-end Developers in Abroad?

The salary of a front-end developer can vary from country to country. Here’s a list of countries and their average annual salary for front-end developers.

Countries Average Annual Salary
The United States $76,929 US dollars
India ₹510,333
Canada CA$63,540
UK 52,300 Euros

How to Become a Front-end Developer?

If you want to become a successful front-end developer and aim to work for a big tech giant with a great pay scale, it is important to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field along with in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, among others. You also need to be thorough with all the front-end frameworks like Angular and React, along with tools and software that will help you with version control. You should also possess soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

To be a good front-end developer, you should take a front-end developer course that will help you understand the concept, technologies involved, and other technical aspects from scratch and give you a chance for practical exposure.

The front-end development specialization course offered by Scaler Academy is one of the best courses for all aspiring front-end developers. It will not only help you learn all the technologies involved in front-end development along with hands-on training by industry experts. The specialized course also offers job assistance.

Top Skills for Front-end Developers

The top technical skills required to become a successful front-end developer are the basic knowledge of front-end programming languages and frameworks such as:

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, Backbone, and Ember
  • RESTful services and APIs

Apart from this, you will also need problem-solving and communication skills.

How to Prepare for Front-end Interviews?

If you want to crack your front-end developer interview, it is very important for you to prepare for the same thoroughly. This involves two stages. Stage one involves the interview preparation, like resume and website, and stage two involves preparing for the interviews.

Before the Interview

Before your interview, you must create your personal website that showcases all your projects and work, along with an impressive resume. Also, front-end developers with a GitHub profile get more noticed by employers and recruiters. So it can be a good idea to create and enhance your Github profile if you are aiming to crack your interview.

For the Interview

When you are sitting for the interview of a front-end developer, you will be asked questions related to the key front-end programming languages and frameworks. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS so you can confidently answer every question.


Looking at the current market demand for front-end developers across sectors like IT, health, Transport, and eCommerce, the scope of front-end development seems to grow with each passing day. Thanks to the growing technology and the evolving trends in the IT sector, businesses have now understood the importance of website design. Today, the front end of a website or web application drives customer engagement which is imperative for any business, small or big.