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An Introduction to Web Development?
There's a lot of work that's done behind the scenes to make a website look great, work well, and provide an excellent user experience. Yes, we are referring to web development which involves building, creating, and maintaining new and existing websites. It can range from developing a simple static page of plain text to complicated web applications, social networking pages, and electronic businesses. Web development includes aspects such as web design, web programming, and database management. The presence of these tools makes it easier for anyone wanting to create or edit their own website.
The current world's environment makes it almost impossible to do business without a good website, and this is where web design and web development come into play. Maintaining an updated website means owning a key to the primary platform that showcases your products and services to the netizens. The best way to do that is through learning web development as it conveys information the right way. Additionally, you can tackle SEO, attract potential customers/clients, convey messages, and conduct e-business.
Web development is in high demand and well paid around the globe, making it a great career option. Having a solid grasp of Web Development will help you to secure a promising career right after you complete your course. Besides, this field is constantly in demand; evolving and challenging, which means you'll always have many chances to explore new tools, technologies and learn new skills. The high demand, easy-to-learn and fun-to-experience lifestyle of a web developer makes it an ideal career choice for someone seeking to learn code. Having said that, Web Development is the field that provides a plethora of opportunities for hands-on learning.
Key highlights of the Scaler Academy's Web Development Program
Learn Web Development as part of the Scaler Academy course and get a head-start on your career as a Web Developer.
                    industry-vetted curriculum</b>
Structured, industry-vetted curriculum
<b>Live classes</b> led by 
                    <b>faculty members</b> with hands-on experience
Live classes led by faculty members with hands-on experience
Intensive <b>practical experience</b> 
                    through <b>real-life projects and applications</b>
Intensive practical experience through real-life projects and applications
<b>Aspirational network of peers</b>, 
                    across batches and backgrounds
Aspirational network of peers, across batches and backgrounds
<b>Regular 1:1 mentorship</b> 
                    from product industry veterans
Regular 1:1 mentorship from product industry veterans
<b>Career support</b> through mock interviews, 
                    profile building, and referral networks
Career support through mock interviews, profile building, and referral networks
Tried & Tested Curriculum, curated by Industry Experts
Products in the markets are
Scattered articles, blogs & videos need extra effort to stitch it all together
Limited practical work
Recorded videos & articles with no personalisation
Not industry-relevant
Not industry-relevant
Old, un-refreshed content
Scaler's curriculum is
Thoughtfully designed curriculum helps you to emerge confident & comfortable
Projects and assignment to implement concepts
Topics, peers & pace of learning are optimized for your needs
Industry-tested curriculum to make you job ready
Curriculum is designed to make you a solid web developer
Based on a simple 30 minutes MCQ test, you enter Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced sections. Beginner and Intermediate sections cover some additional basic topics that Advanced students do not need.
I know bare minimum coding / starting from scratch
44 weeks course
Coming soon!
I know coding in one programming language. Can build basic applications.
37 weeks course
Enrolment open
I am good at coding. I know basic problem solving, data structures, algorithms. Can build basic to advanced applications.
30 weeks course
Enrolment open
Introduction to Programming
clock-icon 7 Weeks
  • Decision trees & control
  • Binary number system
  • Strings
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Loops
Programming Constructs
clock-icon 7 Weeks
  • Functions
  • Recursion
  • Pointers
  • Structures
  • Structures, Unions & Dynamic Arrays
  • Asymptotic notations
Problem Solving & CS Fundamentals
clock-icon 15 Weeks
  • Time Complexity, Arrays, Strings, Binary Search, 2 Pointers, Recursion, Hashing, Sorting, Bit manipulation
  • Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees, Tries, Heap
  • Greedy, DP, Graphs
  • DB, OS, and Computer Networks
Pick one of the specialisation
Backend Specialisation
15 Weeks
  • System Design (HLD + LLS) with project
  • MVC, REST APIs, ORM, SprintBoot, Views, Database Indexes, Multithreading
Fullstack Specialisation
15 Weeks
  • System Design (HLD + LLS) with project
  • Building a server, into to MVC, web architecture, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Backend architecture, MongoDB, React/Redux
Advanced Electives (Optional)
Starting from the March'21 batches, the electives stated below will taught after the entire course is completed. Learners can take up all electives or just a few of them and they are completely optional. We believe these electives can help engineers further accelerate their carrer and hence we advice you to opt for them!
Advanced DSA
clock-icon 4 weeks
  • Combinatorics and Probability
  • Matrix exponentiation
  • Advanced Trees: Segment Tree, k-D Tree
  • Advanced Dynamic Programming 1
  • Advanced Graphs 1: Bridges, Articulation point
  • Advanced Graphs 2: Network Flow
  • Miscellaneous company problem discussion
Concurrent Programming
clock-icon 4 weeks
  • Introduction to Concurrency
  • Concurrency in Java
  • Concurrency in Java 2 + Exercise
  • Parallelization 1
  • Parallelization 2
  • Dependency Injection
  • Concurrent Programming 1
  • Concurrent Programming 2
  • Assignment Discussion
Product Management
clock-icon 4 weeks
  • Introduction to Product Management
  • Product Vision and Measurement
  • Roadmaps and Prioritization
  • The Spring Process and Product Leadership
  • Product Development I
  • Product Development II
Price: No difference in price between the two sections
Eligibility: Any working professional who has graduated on or before 2021
At Scaler, we provide a structured, comprehensive, industry vetted curriculum that is designed to take you to the next level in your career by helping you emerge as a skilled and strong engineer. This Full-stack developer course is a part of our Scaler Academy program, so we make sure you learn exactly everything that you need to, to solidify your career.
Fullstack Specialisation
15 Weeks
  • System Design (HLD + LLS) with project
  • Building a server, into to MVC, web architecture, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Backend architecture, MongoDB, React/Redux
  • JS in Depth - Prototypes, Functional Programming
  • JS in Depth - Promises, async-await
  • Dynamic Webapps - Fetch API consumption
  • Node + NPM Intro - Modules, Packages
  • Node - Hello World Server
  • NodeJS - Middlewares, Routes with Express
  • Basic API using NodeJS
  • Why Frameworks - Components, Routing, State
  • React Intro - Components, JSX, Build Tooling
  • React in Depth - CRA, Router, SPA Bundle
  • React + Redux : State Management
  • Node + DB (Sequelize and Mongoose)
  • End-to-End NodeJS API Project (with DB)
  • End-to-End React SPA with Routing and State
  • Realtime Apps (Chat) with Socket.IO
  • Deploy via Heroku / Docker + Self Host
Career Services
Along with upskilling and preparing you to be a solid engineer, we will help you with your job search and interview preparation as well!
Access job opportunities from our 100+ employer partners
Exchange job opportunities with our extensive 20K+ Scaler student community
Practice mock interviews with people working in the industry
Optimize your resume & LinkedIn profile with our experienced experts
Scaler alumni work at reputed tech organizations and promising startups
Gain confidence in Web Development concepts, taught by experienced instructors
Our faculty comprises experts from Amazon, Google, Hotstar, Facebook, Microsoft to name a few, who have successfully built scalable systems
Take the informed leap in your career with guidance and interview prep from our mentors
1:1 Personalised Sessions are held bimonthly. Our mentors have helped thousands of students get clarity in their career paths and prepare for interviews through mock sessions
Our success lies in our learners success stories
Read the reviews by Scaler Alumni on how Scaler Academy Program has helped them become solid certified Web Developers
Scaler exceeded my expectations in a way I had never even thought possible. I expected a single mentor from Scaler, but I ended up getting several people who guided me throughout.
Scaler lived up to all the expectations and hype I'd heard about it. The mentorship was a standout aspect to me, and the instructors and TAs were helpful and excellent at what they did.
Scaler played a pivotal role in my journey, as the constant guidance I received and the encouragement that was showered on me helped me learn better. The peer community is constructive, and the mentorship arrangement makes it all a fantastic experience.
Tarun Malhotra's System Design classes stood out to me in particular, his way of teaching has made me remember him even after nearly 6 months of completing the course.
The instructors were at the top of their game, and taught us everything on the topic starting from the basics. Both the DSA and System Design classes were top notch!
The mentorship arrangement and the peer culture has helped me evolve as a coder, and I am genuinely grateful for my association with Scaler.
What I like best about the Scaler program is that I can find help very quickly. We have to merely raise a help request, and within ten minutes, we receive assistance. Right from my teaching instructors to my peers at Scaler, I found everyone helpful and approachable.
I wanted some guidance from industry stalwarts, and Scaler's mentorship aspect really surpassed my expectations. Scaler really shines in the field of System Design, which is a must for product companies.
The instructors made us understand tha it's all about learning. The quality of teaching was something I'd never experienced before. Tarun sir's teaching and methodology has been the most impactful for me.
I had joined Scaler mainly for learning. And the one thing that kept me motivated throughout was seeing the hard work all teachers put, taking classes everyday tirelessly late into the night.
Whether it is for upskilling or for a better opportunity,if you commit to this course, the learnings that you take away are worth a lifetime.
Thank you Scaler Instructors for teaching DS Algo to a front-end guy. When I solved a backtracking question in 10-12 minutes, I had them (interviewers) there.
Scaler helped me channel my energy properly, revise things I had learned in college, and learn new things too! Their reputation for being educators and enthusiastic supporters of aspirants who dream big made me join the academy.
The feedback that we gave in each class was taken seriously, and the instructors improved dynamically in each session. My expectations from Scaler was x, and they delivered 2x. Whatever I thought I would get, Scaler ended up giving me so much more!
The course is structured in a way so that people who have a good grasp of the fundamentals of programming can better themselves in higher level topics, which are commonly asked in tech interviews.
Getting insights from these industry insiders helps you unlock the secret codes to the game, which are guaranteed to make you a winner. Scaler Academy fulfilled my every expectation, and to anyone looking to upskill, I'd definitely recommend it!
The way they taught was the aspect that stood out most to me. Each student was invited to give solutions, and every answer was dissected. No doubt was small enough, and every approach was thought about.
My experience at Scaler Academy gave me a newfound confidence. Scaler was my guide in this journey, and the data-backed methodology helped me achieve my set goal in the given time. The structure was such that I continually received a push to do better.
With Scaler Academy, I found the guide that I needed. Their classes helped restore my faith in my passion and made me feel confident about my abilities. The regularity of the classes made me more responsible and sincere in my learning approach.
Every aspect of the course was well structured, and gave just what I needed. The instructors taught extremely well, the mentors were helpful and the course was designed keeping every need in mind.
I was expecting mostly DSA, but apart from that, they taught a lot of math, a ton of problem solving, and a lot of other topics. I was really happy to see, since those are often the ones to be overlooked, but are essential parts of a well rounded approach to tech upskilling.
Scaler Academy was an excellent opportunity for me to gain the skills that I needed to make it big in the coding world.
Hi Tarun (Scaler instructor) - This is Nikhil from September'19 batch. I just wanted to thank you. Your DP, Graph and HLD classes were really helpful, and with all the guidance from Scaler and you, I was able to get offers from Walmart / Groupon / PayTM for SE-3/SDE-2 role. I really wanted to thank you personally, all this was really helpful!
Even though I only had 6 months experience, considered me on par with someone with at least 1.5 years. I was able to build this kind of knowledge and understanding with help from Scaler Academy.
Connect with an Academic Counsellor

Tuition Fee

With EMI options, your payment can be as low as 9, 811 per month- that's like your monthly grocery bill!

Total fee: Rs 2.99L inclusive of GST. You can get super affordable EMI options. Try the course for the first 2 weeks - full money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw.

EMIs (Pay in Equated Monthly Installments)

You can find both no-cost EMI & standard interest EMI from our NBFC partners. See below a summary of their best plans (more details available at the time of payment)


You can also choose to avail EMI options from your credit card providers.

Scholarship Options
Way of getting exciting scholarships at Scaler Academy
  1. Get up to INR 25,000 as scholarship basis your performance in the 30 minutes entrance test! If you secure the scholarship and also opt for EMI payment, then you can pay as little as ₹9,811 per month to sign up for Scaler Academy!
Financing Options
You can avail financing options for the tuition fee. Make a down payment of $500 and the rest as monthly payments
To learn more, request a callback and our team will reach out to you
Scholarship Details
How to secure your scholarship?
You have the possibility of receiving up to a $1,100 scholarship based on your performance in the 30 minute entrance test

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are highly demanded. For those who don't know, web development is one of the rapidly growing and popular industries in the world. Many reports suggest the need for web developer jobs will grow by thirteen percent in the coming years.
In order to be a successful web developer you must be:
  • Interested in HTML, CSS
  • Familiar with debugging, testing, and SEO
  • Understand UX/UI
  • Interested in javascript, backend, frontend, bootstrap
  • Interactive and observant
  • Adaptive & open to change
  • The job of a web developer is to create, design, maintain, and update websites. They take care of all the technical aspects, functionality, performance, capacity through various programming tools. Other than this, web developers are responsible for debugging and installing application features as well as for integrating security measures.
    After the end of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate.
    Program Registration
    Thanks for your interest. We will let you know when the course is about to begin.